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We are a fast-growing global team united by the shared agile mindset and a passion for delivering excellent service in Business Intelligence, IT, and Recruiting.

We thrive to deliver high quality products that provide our clients with the most valuable insights.


Founder, CEO

I am currently working as a full time BI Consultant for an AWS cloud project and trying to help my team where I can to make Oliva Advisory a nice place to work at.
I really like to connect the dots when analyzing data. Providing my clients with an “Aha-moment” is why I love my occupation.


Co-Founder, COO

I nurture our value chain and processes, now focusing on operational coordination as well as on Human Resource sourcing for our Clients & Team.
Passion for discovering, interacting, and co-developing with talented people drives me forward in daily endeavours.


Sales Manager

I contact potential clients for Oliva Advisory. My role is the match between client projects and our team's capabilities. I have been working in the sales field for years.
It makes me happy to be the first link between different cooperating companies.


Senior Consultant

I love improving the way people work and plan and get excited by transparent solutions of complex planning situations.
22 years of experience in consulting.
Focus on production planning and control in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Module consultant for SAP PP, PPPI, APO PP/DS, as well as ORSOFT.


Business Intelligence Consultant

I am currently working with our trusted partners at Parsable, addressing and solving data-related challenges by implementing Tableau based solutions.
I am passionate about creating fire BI reports using cross-industry knowledge of graphic design and color psychology.


Business Intelligence Consultant

I am currently working as a full time BI Consultant for Power (PowerBI, PowerAutomate, PowerApps) project which covers all stages of working with data: from collecting it to having an insight from it.
Transforming chaotic data points into an orderly system that covers the business needs is what makes me feel satisfied with my day.


Business Intelligence Consultant

I am currently working on Data Analytics/BI project for a social media agency, bringing life to a statistical data.
Alongside I focus on ML project, where I develop a cell segmentation training dataset. What drives me the most is making the data work for its purpose by analysing, training and optimizing it.


Head of Artificial Intelligence

I’m currently working as a product owner for an AWS cloud project and establishing sustainable connections to German universities.
I love finding demanding solutions together with different stakeholder and to find new insights from existing data using machine learning and AI techniques.


Talent Acquisition Specialist

I’m sourcing talent for clients’ projects trying to find best fit solutions for both sides. Building long-lasting relationships with candidates and clients, supporting professionals in their career search, and helping companies find highly qualified IT specialists are the most rewarding experiences for me.


Regional Manager, Python Developer

I am dealing with TA platforms and soft-ware tools to leverage for TA process including homegrown API solutions and automation tools.
My passion is learning novel algorithms for creation of highly demanded tools and eventually growing with Oliva Advisory.


Talent Acquisition Specialist

I am creating a strategy to find best talents from nearest countries for clients companies.
I tend to focus on market research, crm implementation and finding appropriate candidates for positions that require a specific skillset.


Talent Search Expert

I'm searching for talented candidates for internal positions. I try to create a nice atmosphere in which everyone involved feels comfortable.
I love finding new colleagues for our team and supporting them in their career. Finding the best possible fit for them and for Oliva Advisory makes me happy.


Talent Acquisition Specialist

In the role of Talent Acquisition Specialist, I am responsible for sourcing, attracting and interviewing qualified talents to find the perfect fit for a company's long-term goals.
I am passionate about learning new skills, facing and overcoming challenges, making an impact that matters.


Talent Acquisition Intern

I am currently working as Talent Acquisition Intern and attracting the best candidates from the market.
My joy in recruitment is to provide a ideal match for top-performing professionals with the right carrier path in the IT field. Also, find optimal solutions to problems of varying complexity.


Sales Manager

Clients are at the heart of any successful business.
I search for exciting projects for our team according to the individual strengths of our members.
I love to make things work and help others to achieve their goals.

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