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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
Cloud Computing & Artificial Intelligence
IT Recruiting, Freelancing & Hiring
We are setting up, developing, managing and maintaining data analytics systems
We develop AI solutions, machine learning tools and implement them in the cloud.
We recruit and staff IT Consultants, Developers, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts

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In Tableau we display data in a graphical user interface via drag and drop. Individual data analyses can be compiled in dashboards and linked with each other.

Power BI

Power BI transforms your company’s data into visual representations. We collect and structure your data and focus your attention on what is most important to you.

Mobile friendly

Our reports can be displayed in mobile applications, bringing analytics to your business at any given time.

We are a young dynamic team, that tries to be ahead of the curve in data science as well as designs. We thrive to deliver high quality products that grant our clients the most valuable insights.

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